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CSR 2013 Accepted Papers (in random order)

  1. Barnaby Martin and Stefan Dantchev. Parameterized resolution with bounded conjunction
  2. Nicolas Boria, Cécile Murat and Vangelis Paschos. The probabilistic dominating set problem
  3. Marek Tesař and Jiri Fiala. Dichotomy of the H-quasi-cover problem
  4. Mikhail Vyalyi. Universality of regular realizability problems
  5. Anton Makhlin. On the encoding invariance of polynomial time computable distribution ensembles
  6. David Janin. Overlapping tile automata
  7. Vladimir Nikishkin. Amortized communication complexity of an equality predicate
  8. Viliam Geffert, Zuzana Bednarova, Carlo Mereghetti and Beatrice Palano. Boolean language operations on nondeterministic automata with a pushdown of constant height
  9. Andreas Fröhlich, Gergely Kovásznai and Armin Biere. More on the complexity of quantifier-free fixed-size bit-vector logics with binary encoding
  10. Amaldev Manuel, Anca Muscholl and Gabriele Puppis. Walking on data words
  11. Pavel Martyugin. Careful synchronization of partial automata with restricted alphabets
  12. Timofey Stepanov. Random selection in few rounds
  13. Kshitij Bansal and Stéphane Demri. Model-checking bounded multi-pushdown systems
  14. Klaus Jansen and Stefan Kraft. An improved knapsack solver for column generation
  15. Dmitry Itsykson and Vsevolod Oparin. Graph expansion, Tseitin formulas and resolution proofs for CSP
  16. Nikolay Vereshchagin. An improving on Gutfreund, Shaltiel, and Ta-Shma's paper "If NP Languages are Hard on the Worst-Case, Then it is Easy to Find Their Hard Instances"
  17. Alexey Sorokin. Lower and upper bounds for the length of joins in Lambek calculus
  18. Romeo Rizzi and Stéphane Vialette. On recognizing words that are squares for the shuffle product
  19. Barnaby Martin and Florent Madelaine. QCSP on partially reflexive cycles - the wavy line of tractability
  20. Jozef Jirasek and Galina Jiraskova. Cyclic shift on prefix-free languages
  21. Abuzer Yakaryilmaz. One-counter verifiers for decidable languages
  22. Armin Weiss and Volker Diekert. QuickHeapsort: Modifications and improved analysis
  23. Manfred Droste and Vitaly Perevoshchikov. Multi-weighted automata and MSO logic
  24. Mark Braverman, Ankit Garg, Denis Pankratov and Omri Weinstein. Information lower bounds via self-reducibility
  25. Sergey Avgustinovich and Svetlana Puzynina. Weak abelian periodicity of infinite words
  26. Sven De Felice and Cyril Nicaud. Random generation of deterministic acyclic automata using the recursive method
  27. Abuzer Yakaryilmaz. Quantum alternation
  28. Luke Friedman and Yixin Xu. Exponential lower bounds for refuting random formulas using ordered binary decision diagrams
  29. Pawel Gawrychowski. Alphabetic minimax trees in linear time
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